The people behind the Crispies

Claire (aka Mumm-ra, aka Mama Bird) Co-owner

What’s up?! I’m a long-time activist, humane educator, and animal rights lawyer. But beyond that, I'm an old Goth who loves 80's nostalgia, wiener dogs, garage sales and margaritas. Glad to be here! 

Jesse (aka Chef) Co-owner 

Hola! I’ve spent most of my adult life in the food industry and crossed over into nonprofit and Vegan advocacy in 2020. I’m also a damn fine guitar player, if I do say so myself, and still identify as a band geek. ("Nerrrrrrrrd" - this is Claire)

Count on us to keep bringing you the crispiest counterculture snack around. 👊

A tale as old as time. Or 2017.

Okay, so basically here's what happened...In 2017, Claire co-founded a nonprofit for Vegan youth activists, The Raven Corps. Over time, the org grew. It evolved. And the community of youth activists, The Ravens, were like "yo, we should definitely take a collective liberation approach to our Vegan advocacy because consistent anti-oppression activism is the way to go!"And Claire was like "hell yeah!" But a lot of donors were like "booooo, no, we don't like you anymore". So Claire and her Vegan chef husband, Jesse, were like "hmmm. What if we started making delicious Vegan treats to raise money for The Corps and other good stuff, and we use the treats as their own form of activism, and then we don't have to beg mega rich donors who are totally co-opting our social justice movements for money anymore?!" And that's how Counter Crispies were born!

The End

(but really, it's just the beginning)